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    ag服装官网‘I see what you’re after at last,’ he said. ‘He walked up the drive twice.’


    ‘I will tell you, monsieur. He first called up some one that I took to be his valet, and said he was going unexpectedly to Belgium, and that he wanted something left at the Gare du Nord for him—I did not catch what it was. Then he called up some other place and gave the same message, simply that he was going to Belgium for a couple of days. That was all, monsieur.’
    ‘We have a cask coming along. It will be here presently. Could you identify it?’
    ‘Well, Mrs. Murphy, my name is Clifford, and I am the lawyer who is going to defend Mr. Felix. I wondered if you would be good enough to answer some questions, to help me in his defence?’


    1.‘Very well, Mr. Felix. I want to ask just one other question. Where did you stay in Paris?’
    2.‘He did, monsieur.’
    3.Broughton emptied the cap on to the top of the cask. Three more sovereigns were found hidden in it, and these he pocketed with the others. Then he turned to re-examine the cask.
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